Latvian experts participate in Crimean TV talk show project about the Euro-Atlantic integration

03.08.2009. 14:55

Today, on August 3 starts the second stage of the project – „A View of Europe”, which is jointly organised by the Latvian Transatlantic organisation and Crimean TV Company  ‘Chornomorska” .

During the first stage of this project – from May 25 till May 30, 2009 – a delegation of Crimean experts, journalists and representatives of NGOs visied Latvia and learned about Latvia’s Euro-Atlantic integration experience and  the situation after the first 5 years of the EU membership.

On the second stage of the project – from August till October, 2009 – TV Company “Chornomorska” will produce and broadcast twelve TV talk shows , where  journalists and experts from Ukraine, Latvia and Poland will discuss several topics related to the further development of Ukraine in the context of the Euro-Atlantic integration.

The discussion of the each talk-show with participation of Latvian experts will provide three points of view: (a) those of local journalists and experts, (b) those of Ukrainian experts who have participated to the study visit to Latvia, and (c) those of Latvian experts. Thus the discussion will give opportunity to contradict knowledge and experience of all sides and thus overcome stereotypes and improve the quality of information circulated in Ukrainian society.

Latvian experts will participate in six of the twelve talk shows:

  • Is Ukraine a European nation? – Latvian expert Mr. Pēteris Vinķelis, consultant of public policy and economics;
  • Regional economic development – Latvian expert Mr. Ainārs Grīviņš, the executive director of Limbazi City Council;
  • Local self-government, transparency and accountability of local authorities to the public – Latvian expert Talis Pukitis, former mayor of Sigulda, Chairperson of the Riga District Council;
  • Without NGOs there won’t be any European society – Latvian expert Ms. Zinta Miezaine, Chairperson of NGO “Workshop of Solutions” (Risinājumu darnīca);
  • Protecting human rights –Ms. Ilona Kronberga, Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS, researcher on criminal justice;
  • Will Crimea be able to become a European resort? – Latvian expert Mr. Vilnis Vitkovskis, head of Development department of Liepaja City Council and head of Tourism Commission of Liepaja city council.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness and improve knowledge of the Crimean people about the development and experience of the new members of the EU and thus discuss the prospects and necessary reforms to be introduced in Ukraine, as well as to share the “know how” experience.

The project is supported by the Soros Foundation – Latvia.