NATO Summit simulation game 2010

11.02.2010. 10:18

For the second year in a row the Latvian Transatlantic organisation (LATO) in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia organizes the NATO Summit simulation game 2010 for Latvian youngsters. This year the simulation game will take place on April 9 under the theme „A New Strategic Concept as a Milestone for Further Development of NATO”.

During the simulation game each team will represent one of the NATO member states with the aim to come to an agreement on the text of communiqué and at the same time defending interests of their respected countries. The goal of the simulation game is to enhance knowledge and interest of Latvian youngsters about NATO as well as international security and defence policy issues thus facilitating political awareness, independent research work, improvement of analytical skills and better understanding of decision-making process at NATO of a young generation.

In order to take part in the simulation game, applicants should be 18-26 years old, have good communication skills in Latvian and find a partner to make a team. The application procedure starts on February 11, 2010. All the applicants are required to write an analytical essay (till 8 000 symbols) on the theme „A New NATO Strategic Concept: Latvian Perspective” and send it till March 8, 2010 4:00 PM to the following addressees: and

All the essays will be evaluated by a special commission made of representatives of LATO, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence. The results will be published on March 15 and the authors of 28 best essays will be selected to take part in the simulation game. On March 17 participants will be invited to the LATO office, where they will choose countries they will represent. The first six teams, which gained the highest score, will have an opportunity to be the first to choose. Others will define their countries according to the drawing procedure. Participants of the simulation game will also be introduced with the decision-making process at NATO by a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Performance and work of teams during the simulation game will be assessed by a commission of experts, which at the end of the game will announce the six best teams. The first three teams will be awarded with the trip to the NATO HQ in Brussels, Belgium. The next three teams will get valuable books.

NATO Summit simulation game is supported by the Ministry of Defence of Latvia, NATO Public Diplomacy Division and Konrad Adenauer Foundation.