International competition Aliante 2010 has started in Latvia

21.02.2010. 10:16

Latvian Transatlantic organisation (LATO) for the seventh year already brings to Latvia the international competition Aliante 2010, whose aim is to enhance knowledge on NATO, security policy and international relations among young generation.

This year Aliante celebrates it anniversary – 10 years – but in Latvia the competition is organised for the seventh year already. Despite the economic crisis, which put into chaos many enterprises, LATO is committed to continue the organisation of Aliante in Latvia, aiming this year to attract more participants from all the country.

Taking part in the competition, its participants not only will extend their knowledge in the competition areas, but also will have a chance to meet people with similar interests from other countries and gain contacts that can be useful in further studies or even during a professional career.

But it is not only this, what attracts several thousands participants every year. It is also a superb trip for Aliante winners that you just can’t get at a travel agency. Aliante 2007 winners traveled through huge parts of the USA, in 2008 the Winners’ Trip lead them to scenic Norway and last year to the Czech Republic. This year winners will go again to Central Europe. As the very first winners of Aliante in 2001, they will visit Poland.

The competition is designed for all secondary schools students between the ages of 15 to 19 (born in the period of August 1st, 1990 – May 31st, 1995), who are residents of the Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom. The competition is designed for teams consisting of two students. However each team may also have a reserve member who will be used in the event that an original team member is unable to participate in the next round. The rules, programme and other information on the Aliante 2010 can be found on the competition’s official web-page –

The Aliante competitions consists of three rounds:

1st round of knowledge based questions will take place exclusively via the Internet. Competitors have to correctly answer 20 questions no later than 21st March 2010 before 23:59 CET. Answers submitted after the deadline will be void. Correct answers to at least 15 questions are required to go through to the 2nd round.

2nd round of knowledge based questions will take place from 22nd March 2010 to 29th April 2010. In the 2nd round teams have to answer 35 questions in writing (in printed form or on CD) and then send them to LATO (Rīpniecības iela 10, LV1010, Rīga, Latvia) and to e-mail: by 29th April (the date of the postmark is decisive). LATO together with professional political scientists will evaluate the written answers. The number of those who will get to the final will be determined on the activeness of participants. However, the first five teams will get a chance to visit Latvian military base in Ādaži as well as valuable souvenirs fnrom the Ministry of Defence and NATO. All five teams will be awarded with diplomas by the Minister of Defence Mr. Imants Lieģis.

3rd round – the international final will be held in Georgia, at the Sachkhere Mountain Training School, from the 28th June to 2nd July 2010. In total, 40 teams will go through to the final. From each country there will be at least one team – provided that it has been able to answer 2nd round questions to the satisfaction of the national coordinators and political scientists.

With the purpose to address young people, LATO has set up a separate Aliante 2010 blog, where participants can find all the information related to the competition:

If you have more questions on the project, please contact Aiante 2010 national cooordinator in Latvia Mr. Didzis Stāvausis ( or public relations assistant to the national coordinator Ms. Irina Ivaškina (, 67322883).