Talks on Security and Foreign Policy: 5 years in Moscow. Has Russia really changed?

02.12.2010. 08:23

18:00LATO will host a discussion with Ambassador of Kingdom of Denmark to Latvia H.E. Per Carlsen who spent 5 years in Moscow as Danish Ambassador to Russia before his appointment to Riga.

The Ambassador will speak about his experience working in/with Russia through different eras: Soviet Russia and modern Russia. The event will be held in the context of the expected visit of President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers to Moscow to offer a platform for open debate on how much Russia has changed in terms of its domestic politics and foreign policy for the last 5-10 years, reflecting also on its interests in the post-Soviet region.

Ambassador Carlsen has an extensive experience working in Foreign Affairs and Defence sector. Russia has been one of the focal points of interest and expertise since his first appointment to Russia in 1982. His last appointment to Russia inclued Belarus, Tajiksitan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kirigztan – countries that frequently appear on the agenda of the international affairs and regional policies.

Discussion will be held in English under the Chatham House rules and is open to everyone to attend. Please register via e-mail:, or phone: 67322883.

The project “Talks on Security and Foreign Policy” is supported by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.