Expert Discussion “Belarus: Lost in Translation”

12.09.2011. 11:07

The Rīga Conference has become a leading foreign and security policy forum in Northern Europe for world renowned political, intellectual and business leaders to gather and debate on the most acute challenges of the current international agenda. Since the added value of The Rīga Conference is its ability to make the most out of the experts and politicians gathering in Rīga, we have introduced a range of side-events that allows even more people to benefit from this experience at the Rīga Conference 2011.

We are pleased to invite you to the expert discussion “Belarus: Lost in Translation” scheduled for Sep 16, 9:30-13:00 at the Radisson Hotel Blu “Ridzene” (Reimeresa str 1, Riga).

In order to build the based-on-reality approach towards Belarus, and to build the effective and meaningful policy in a way that does not compromise the overall values of democracy that the West stands for, or threatens the economic interests of its neighbors in the context of what risks becoming a total crisis in Belarus, there is an acute need to understand and accept the causes and consequences of the current situation in Belarus in the first place. Therefore, developing a greater understanding of Belarus is the only way towards a well-balanced policy that does not exclude a pragmatic approach and interests for the sake of democratic reforms in Belarus and vice versa.

Experts will discuss the following: What are the causes of the current crisis in Belarus? What are the scenarios of its further development? What consequences will social and political stability of the Belarus crisis bring? What should the policy towards a Belarus that is now facing crisis be? Is there a balance between wishful thinking of the West and pragmatic interests of individual countries towards Belarus?

Programma (in PDF format)

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