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11.06.2012. 14:20

Michael O'Hanlon is a senior fellow in Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution, where he specializes in U.S. defense strategy, the use of military force, homeland security and American foreign policy. He is a visiting lecturer at Princeton University and adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University, and a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

Discussion “NATO Chicago Summit: Lessons Learned” with Mr. O’Hanlon aims to bring deeper insight on NATO Summit in Chicago held last month. Main topics of the discussion will be NATO’s decision to extend Baltic air-policing mission; Role of Latvia and Northern Distribution Network as a key re-supply route for US and NATO forces fighting in Afghanistan; and, of course, Afghanistan exit strategy after 2014.

About the Expert: Before joining Brookings, O'Hanlon worked as a national security analyst at the Congressional Budget Office. O’Hanlon is a member of General David Petraeus’s External Advisory Board at the Central Intelligence Agency. His most recent books include The Wounded Giant  (Penguin, 2012) and Bending History (Brookings, 2012). O’Hanlon has written several hundred opeds in newspapers including The Washington PostThe New York TimesThe Los Angeles TimesThe Washington Times, and The Japan Times.  He has also contributed to The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal, and many other papers.  O’Hanlon has appeared on television or spoken on the radio about 2,000 times since September 11, 2001.  He is also a commentator for Alhurra television.


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