Lithuanians organized the second Baltic Youth Guards camp

18.06.2013. 11:04

From 3rd to 5th of June the camp for the youth guard movements of the Baltic states „Baltic Guards 2013“  was organized by Lithuanian Atlantic Treaty Association (LATA). The camp was held in Lithuanian Armed Forces School where Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian youth representatives measured their skills and knowledge. The camp was held in English, learning to carry out joint military tasks in possible NATO operations.

On the first day youth guards brushed up gun handling skills and completed AK4 weapon handling test (safety precaution, loading, unloading, stripping and assembling), and also tried fire positions. Youngsters had to deal with tactical features (squad/platoon formations during march, hand and arm signals, reaction to enemy fire, squad rapid ambush) and listen to the interesting lectures on the NATO history and importance of the Alliance to Baltic countries nowadays. Lectures were given by LATA Board member Rimantė Budrytė.

On the second day the action moved to Kazlų Rūda Training Area were participants were applying the acquired theoretical knowledge of tactics (march, withdrawal during ambush, squad rapid attack) and demonstrated weapon handling skills. Youth guards showed their accuracy at shooting range during live firing exercises.

At the Baltic Guards 2013 closing ceremony re[resentatives from Lithuanian National Guards, Jaunsardze, Zemesardze and Kaitselit organization representatives issued thanked all participants and LATA President Audrius Skaistys and Estonian Republic Ambassador to Lithuania Toomas Kukk gave each youth guard diploma for the participation at the Baltic Youth Guards Camp 2013. Organizers and supporters emphasized the importance of joint actions of the Baltic stated in order to ensure readiness for collective defense, and at the same time to encourage young people to be ready to defend their homeland.

Source: LATA Home page

It must be reminded that in 2012 the very first Baltic youth guard camp “Baltic Guards 2012: Cesis Through Ages” were organized by LATO and Recruitment and Youth Guard Center of Latvia. The camp in 2012 gathered 36 representatives from each country in the age of 16-18 with an interest in foreign policy and security issues. In 2012 Honorary patron of The Camp was Defense minister of Republic of Latvia Artis Pabriks. The idea of Baltic youth guard camp was to organize such kind of summer camps on the yearly basis. The first Baltic Guards camp took place in Latvia, second – in Lithuania, but Estonia will take over the organization of the event in 2014.