International Conference “Latvia’s NATO Membership and the Benefits for the Society and Economy”

06.03.2015. 16:53


Date: March 19th, 2015

Venue: Citadele Conference Hall ( Republikas laukums 2a), Riga, Latvia

 Latvian Transatlantic Organisation (LATO) in  cooperation  with the Federation  of  Security  and  Defence  Industries  of  Latvia and with the support of NATO Public Diplomacy Division is organizing  International Conference “Latvia’s NATO Membership and the Benefits for the Society and Economy”.

Conference agenda can be found here

The one-day conference will gather experts, decision makers and representatives of the defence industry to discuss prospects and development of the defence industry of Latvia in the context of new generation warfare. During the conference, guests will discuss reassurance measures, defence spendings, defence capabilities, as well as future development possibilities for the defence industry in Latvia and the Baltics.

During the discussions, the main topics will be focused on strengths and weaknesses of the security and defence industries, on the possible solutions how to reduce the existing gaps in the security. It should be noted that the experts will try to assess how efficient has been the collaboration in past and what measures should be taken to increase the role of the Latvia’s defence industry on international level.

Another major topic in the agenda of the conference is the question about new challenges that NATO and EU are facing, and how ready we are to respond accordingly. Furthermore, possibilities for transatlantic cooperation will be discussed, thus looking for ways how to increase a level of security in wider regions, especially taking into account how notably the tendencies of attacks have changed during the years, mostly because of the development and variety of technologies. Here we should stress the efficiency of hybrid war that requires very diverse and effective cooperation and response to it on the way to be limited.

One of the main goals of the conference is to recognize the capacity of the security and defence industries, as well as to notify possibilities for to increase the industries’ capacity in a foreseeable future.  Also, the organizers of the conference hope that the event will help to weight Latvia’s attractiveness for new investors, its capabilities to use financial support from international resources and establish long-lasting partnership on international level that would contribute to the economic growth of the country, as well as for development of security and defence industries. Even more, it is important to understand if the existing resources and innovations are enough attractive for international investors and what kind of actions should be taken to improve the situation in the long run.

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In case of comments or questions, please contact Ms Evita Gaide, Project Manager of Latvian Transatlantic Organisation (; +371 22424220).