A discussion in Riga on standing against Kremlin propaganda in media

25.10.2016. 15:57

With the Kremlin propaganda intensifying, how can independent Russian language news outlets get the facts out to the broader public? This question will be raised on October 29 in the discussion “Two years of dealing with the Kremlin lies. Where are we now?” at the new Academic Center for Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia.

“Hromadske in Russian is one of the few media outlets in Ukraine that has consistently provided unbiased, fact-checked news from the post-Soviet region” says the CEO of Ukrainian independent TV channel Hromadske.UA Katya Gorchinskaya, adding “So in Riga, we want to see how other Russian language based outlets are doing and what more we can do to improve our outreach”.

The discussion aims to find answers on why independent media is struggling to stand against the Kremlin sponsored and controlled channels, and what are the common challenges for region’s independent outlets. The list of speakers includes Jerzy Pomianowski, Executive Director of the European Endowment for Democracy, Ivars Belte, the Chairman of the Board of Latvian Television, and Anton Shekhovtsov, a fellow at Legatum Institute, Konstantin von Eggert, a renown Russian journalist and commentator working for the independent channel TV Rain.

Toms Baumanis, the Chairman of the Latvian Transatlantic Organisation adds “We have always supported the freedom of press and objective journalism. The fact that in our second year of collaboration with Hromadske we are holding a joint event on an issue of utmost importance not only to Ukraine but also Latvia is our contribution to the success of trans-national cooperation between Latvia and Ukraine on the matter.”

As one of the official side events of The Riga Conference 2016, the discussion “Two years of dealing with the Kremlin lies. Where are we now?” is fully open to public and will take place between 13:00-15:00 on October 29. The working language of the discussion is Russian, and it will be available for streaming online on LATO Facebook page, www.ru.hromadske.ua and www.rigaconference.lv. The event is taking place at the Magnum Auditorium of the Academic Canter for Natural Sciences of University of Latvia. The discussion is organised by Hromadske in Russian, the Latvian Transatlantic Organisation, University of Latvia, and the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.


HROMADSKE.UA is an independent multimedia organization that was started by journalists in 2013 as a prototype of a public broadcaster in Ukraine.

Hromadske in Russian /ru.hromadske.ua/ is the Russian-language newsroom that provides independent, fact-checked news coverage of Ukraine and the post-Soviet region for Russian-speaking audiences inside and outside of Ukraine.


The Latvian Transatlantic Organisation is a non-governmental organisation founded in 2000 with aim to promote Latvia’s membership in NATO and transatlantic values in neighboring countries. Since


2006 LATO is one of the organisers of the annual security and foreign policy forum “The Rīga Conference”.

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